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Looking for a place of worship? Come join us on Sundays at 10 am. We are meeting at UNF while we buildout our new location.





Welcome To Torch Bearers Church
The Torch Bearers Church's mission is the kingdom of heaven on earth. Through the personal development of every believer to be an instrument of revival, we are focused on this goal.  We are to expand the kingdom within our community, region and around the world.
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The Equipping Initiative

Video-Maybe you missed this week's service and you want to be inspired and refreshed. Catch up with the latest serves at the Gate here. Click...

Join Us-Are you looking for a place where the impossible becomes real? Join us in the atmosphere of worship and praise. Anointed teaching and prayer for the sick is normal for all services. Service Times...

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Podcast-You can listen to all the Sunday messages here. There is also the ability to follow us on iTunes. Listen here...

Blog-Follow the leaders post on the TBC Blog. Articles, testimonies and more are found here. Read...

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SOZO-Everyone needs help from time to time. Our Sozo ministers will help you reconnect to the Godhead and remove those things that hinder. Need an appointment? Click here...

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