Torch Bearers USA oversees several ministries which are based out of Jacksonville, Florida. Founded by Louis and Kathy DeSiena, the Torch Bearers Group is committed to the ministry of Jesus in signs and wonders. With a focus on bringing heaven to earth and training the body of Christ in the many gifting and callings, the ministry is dedicated to raising up an army of believers who passionately know how to bring the kingdom. With a group of five fold ministers, we are committed to train, equip, teach and instruct in the ways of the kingdom. Read More...
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Torch Bearers Church-The local church in Jacksonville, FL. Founded in 2007, this is the home church of Louis and Kathy DeSiena.
Torch Bearers Ministries-The personal ministry of Louis and Kathy DeSiena. Formerly Voice of Restoration Ministries.
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Torch Bearers Network-A network of ministers with a heart to set the church on fire and with the glory of Jesus.
Torch Bearers Apostolic Training Center-The Revelation and Power Ministry School located at Torch Bearers Church
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Torch Bearers International-Coming soon. Torch Bearers will be expanding globally.
Carriers of the Flame-The personal Ministry of Margaret Burk. A Priestly Movement.
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